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Dato: 10-08-2013
Sted: Region Midtjylland Region Midtjylland
Telefon: 60674526
Kontaktperson: Camilla Gliemann

Shiatsu Course Japanese energymassage and acupressure
carina Andersson Shiatsu terapist and teacher
”In our stressed everyday life, Shiatsu can give the harmony and balance that we are looking for. Searching for calm and stillness at
our very core”, Carina.

The shiatsu treatment is traditionally done on a Futon on the floor and through the clothing. The terapist are using his/ her body as a tool.Using pressure, rotation, stretching and massage techniques.

First part:
•A 2 day workshop where the back and the back of legs are treated.

Second part:
•A 2 day workshop where the front of the body is treated.
•A seated treatment is taught on both weekends.
•A document with pictures on all the techniques is handed out.

Theory: 5 elements, Yin/Yang, Kyo / Jitsu, Ki etc. The course is a practical introduction to Shiatsu.

Where you will learn a basic framework on how to do a traditional japanese shiatsu treatment.

First part is on back, buttocks and back of legs wich takes about 30 min to do. Second part is on
front of body and abdomen, also 30 min. So you
will learn a whole body treatment - 1 hour in 2 weekends.

This is the basic ground techniques and we will study intensly how to use our own bodys as tools for the treatment and how to work around the body on the floor.
Breathing is essential
and also flexibility, so we spend time on exercises each morning called Do In.

We also learn a 20 min treatment in sitting position. The client sits on a cushion on the floor or on a stool. A compendium with
pictures of all the techniques is included. Only
some basic theory is included in the first weekend; yin/yang (basic) 5 elements (basic) and Ki.

Carina Andersson Shiatsu terapist and teacher. Qi gong, Do In and Yoga Instructor working and
living in Ängelholm, Sweden.
open To:
This class for everybody. You dont need any skills
beforehand. It is also the introduction or base course for people who want to study further and become shiatsu terapists. So you try out on this 2 weekends to see if this is for you. The next step to study is meridian and acupressure theory, how to work the Ki in the meridians and how to diagnose. You will learn that, and more theory, on the 2½ year course.

The goal is to learn how to do basic shiatsu techniques on family and friends. If you want to become a professional shiatsu terapist, the whole
program is 2½ year.

TIme And dATe:
11. – 12. of August and
21. – 22. of September 2013.
Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

AkupunkturAkademiet in Aarhus, Edwin Rahrsvej 54, 8200 Brabrand, Denmark

2.900,- DKK for both weekends (2.700,- DKK for members of the AcupunctureAcademy).

To be paid to the Danish Bank-account: 5072 1123177 IBAN: DK 3850720001123177 SWIFT:
JY BADKKK. reGISTrATIon/more InFormATIon:
Please be sure to register class, date, name, email-address and phonenumber, or email this to:
Ph. +45 6067 4526

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