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Balance Acupuncture with Dr. Hui Zh

Dato: 30-07-2014
Sted: Region Midtjylland Region Midtjylland
Telefon: 60674526
Kontaktperson: Camilla Gliemann

PHA is a modern system of acu-points which have been longly used by Chinese acupuncturist. The PHA was summarized by professor Wenyuan Wang. PHS is characterized with few needles, effectiveness, safety, and convenience.

The stimulation in PHA points triggers special nerve point as to regulate the central nervous system (CNS) to reestablish the balance of the body.

The class will cover:

1. Points to use

2. How to use the points: Insertion, manipulation, and withdraw

3. Body movements during manipulation

5. Safety

Dr. Hui Zhang lives, teaches and practises in Chengdu, China.

The class will be held wednesday 30th, 10.00 - 17.00 and thursday 31th 9.00 - 16.00.

Simple lodging is available at the school.

Pris: 2100kr.


Sted: Sted
AkupunkturAkademiet, Aarhus
Elkjærvej 26, 1 sal
8230 Åbyhøj

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