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Ph.d projekt ved Dr.Hui Zhang

Dato: 19-02-2015
Sted: Region Midtjylland Region Midtjylland
Telefon: 60674526
Kontaktperson: Camilla Gliemann

Kom og hør vores underviser, Dr. Hui Zhang fortælle om sit igangværende Ph.d projekt:?

Study on the Behavioral Genetic Effect and Epigenetic Mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Fetus Deficit from PTSD Rat?

Præsentationen foregår på Engelsk

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological traumatic incident, which, as the core symptom of PTSD, constantly presents and results in fear and anxiety. PTSD is extremely harmful to health. Our previous studies suggested the fear of maternal rats due to earthquake simulated PTSD results in disorders of growth and behavior genetics, which could be released or corrected by environmental enrichment and kidney-supplementing herbal medicine. Based on this, I planed to randomize 54 PTSD fear (PTSDf) rats into emotion group (EG), herbal medicine group (HMG), EG+HMG, and control group (CG). Environmental (physical and social simulation) and emotional enrichment will be applied in EG. In HMG kidney-yang supplementing will be given. EG+HMG refers to the combination of EG and HMG.

Changes of behavior genetics e.g. growth and development will be observed and then high throughput chip technology will be employed to measure the expression and alteration of miRNA, and DNA methylation. Finally, targeted gene will be validated with rt-PCR. Thus, the differential expression of behavior related genes can be analyzed. We will integrate the development and growth of rat, behavior genetics, DNA methylation, neuro-hormones, miRNA to explore the genetics and epigenetics mechanism of rat fetus deficit resulting from PTSD fear, which is to say, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-medicine, bio-informatics, mathematics, molecular biology are synthetically applied.This project may provide supportive evidence and a new entry point to reveal the foundation of fetus deficit and promote the development of TCM rehabilitation and TCM nursing.

Arrangement is free, but registration required.

18:30 til 21:00

Place: AkupunkturAkademiet, Aarhus
Elkjærvej 26, 1 sal
8230 Åbyhøj

Registration deadline
Thur.19 of Feb 2015 17:30

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