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Infantile colic

Dato: 14-03-2016
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Infantile colic – Is it really tummy ache from which these babies suffer?

20-30% of all babies suffer from what is termed Infantile colic". Colic appears usually at the age of 2-3 weeks and may last up to 3 months of age, sometimes up to 6 months.

The term colic is described in medical texts as "a frequent symptom of complex of paroxysmal abdominal pain, presumably of intestinal origin, and of severe crying… no factor consistently provides satisfactory relief". However, when looking closely at the signs and symptoms of this disorder – it seems that in many cases, this extreme restlessness and crying are not of abdominal origin at all!

In fact, when observing the symptoms of restless babies with TCM eyes, it is possible to discern a number of patterns. Happily, when this is done – appropriate treatment can be given, providing relief to babies and their parents alike.

In this talk – I will outline the most common TCM patterns associated with restlessness in young babies, including common symptoms, acupuncture treatments and tips to provide to parents.

Gali Stoffman MD, Dipl. Ac

Gali Stoffman, MD practices integrative (conventional and Chinese) pediatric medicine and is head of the pediatric unit in Refuot-Meditaf clinic of Dr. Yair Maimon, in Tel Aviv, as well as director of Panda - Integrative Pediatric Clinic, in Rehovot, Israel.

In addition to her clinical activities, for the past ten years, Dr. Stoffman has been teaching Pediatric Chinese Medicine in various academic institutions, as well as in congresses such as the Rothenburg TCM Congress, the ICCM congress in Israel, and various weekend courses in Europe. During the past few years, she has led and taught an intensive one year post-graduate course for the TCM treatment of children, along with Mr. Julian Scott.

Recently, Dr. Stoffman has taken part in the writing of a book on TCM treatment of Insomnia, published in Germany, on May 2015.

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