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Classical acupuncture, Moxibustion,

Dato: 20-10-2016
Sted: Region Midtjylland Region Midtjylland
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Classical acupuncture, Moxibustion, Pulse-reading and cultivating the practitioner, 4 day retreat

After a high demand, we have organized another 4-day seminar on Cultivating the Practitioners. Participants will learn the essence of Daoist energy work within the scope of Chinese medicine. They will learn the long lineage of the Tai he Qi gong practice for nourishing the three energy centers in the body and set them off on a long path of energy work. They will also learn the second level of the Tai he which is a traditional clearing Qi Gong which helps to diminish and transform internal blockages. It is said that the cup most be emptied before it can be filled. In this practice, practitioners will receive the key to unlock the physical and emotional blockages and obtain peace and clarity.

Participants will learn the practice of the most powerful internal martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang with standing and walking practices. They will have the chance to learn the health cultivation form of the Eight Mother Palms. This form is able to raise the internal energy strength while strengthening the root and Zhong Mai.

After an energizing morning practice, participants will spend the afternoon learning the classical Moxibustion techniques and pulse-reading.

In Chinese language, the two characters of ?? (zhen jiu) can not be separated and make one entity. “Zhen” meaning acupuncture or the act of needling, and “jiu” meaning “moxibustion”. It is a common quote from the Huang Di Nei Jing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor) which states: “If the disease can not be treated successfully with acupuncture; it will be treated with moxibustion.” Moxibustion and Acupuncture are often regarded as two legs of one medical system; one without the other can not go as far. Somehow moxibustion treatment approaches haven’t received the same importance in the west and most of the knowledge and experience have been left to the side and ignored.

If you’ve spent any time in the country side of China, you have probably witnessed how moxibustion is one of the main treatments for various types of syndromes and diseases. Dr. Robidoux has practiced over 2 years with one of the Moxa masters Dr. Tao Kun in Nanjing and has also practiced with the famous Dr. Chen Ri xin in Jiang Xi, both known for being both holders of the traditional art of moxibustion and being innovator/s and developing new treatment approaches of moxibustion.

In this seminar, Dr. Robidoux will bring you one full day of learning all the effective moxibustion treatment approaches and what they are commonly used for in clinic. We will review the wide range of syndromes and diseases which can be treated with moxibustion therapy. From cold to heat syndromes, from excess to deficient patterns; from pain syndromes, stagnation patterns, yin or yang patterns and so on. While teaching these techniques, Dr. Robidoux will bring some interesting case studies of severe pain, paralysis, anorexia, life threatening bleeding disorders as well as infertility and multiple sclerosis.

Ample time and emphasis will be given to participants to practice these techniques and gain the necessary experience to apply them in their clinics immediately.

Former participants can join the retreat for reduced price.

Acupuncturist and Acupuncturistundents

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux has been living in China for the last 14 years and is a recognized international teacher dedicated to bring the knowledge of Classical masters to the West. She has practiced internal arts for over 20 years and won gold medals in Ba Gua Zhang in both 2009 and 2010. She has received permission by her teachers to teach the following techniques.

Torsdag d. 20. oktober 2016 ? kl. 10:00 ? til søndag ? d. 23. oktober 2016 ? kl. 17:00

Torsdag d. 20. oktober 2016 ? kl. 09:00

Standard 6.000 DKK.
Member of AcupunctureAcademy 5.600 DKK.
Former participant 3.000 DKK.
Former participant, member of AcupunctureAcademy 2.700 DKK.

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