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Chinese philosophers gave great weight to the theory of five elements, which serves as a powerful tool for the diagnosis and understanding of the elements that create the cosmos and all that is included in it. Each element has a specific energy and together they represent all possibilities, directions, seasons, times, colors, feelings, tastes, smells, food, animals and figures.

The ancient Chinese understood that everything that exists in nature is controlled or influenced by the state of the energetic connection between heaven and.

The indication is to the five elements which are: wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and their energetic organ systems.

The time of birth is a time where we get our unique code of energy according to the situation that exists in the universe at the moment. Chinese astrology consists of 60-year cycles in which also correspond to cycles of 10 years, year, month, day and hour.

Actually, each one of us is made from a particular set of energy according to the different elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) which identify different aspects of our life. It means that our perspective to life and to ourselves will be according to these elements also. In other words we could say that our birth chart is like glasses we look through on ourselves and on the world, and on the way we see thing we will act, and according to that we will get our results.

Understanding personal map can identify conflicts, difficulties and ability to understand the basic potential. At the same time we can see the available energy of each element whether it exists or not. When it is missing, usually there is an activity of compensation to complete the lack energy. When there is too much energy of an element there might be a Burnout of this element and disease might appear.

Some of these Questions that we ask ourselves and our patients ask themselves, can be answered by the understanding of the four pillars map

Who am i?
Which element is stronger?
Which element is weaker?
What is my potential?
What I am good at?
What is not for me to deal with?
What I am looking for in a relationship?
How I deal with money?
How should I express myself?

Course structure:
Introduction to Chinese astrology

What is Chinese zodiac?
10 heavenly stems
12 earthly branches
60 years cycle
12 life stages of each element energy

4 pillars of destiny
Year pillar
Month pillar
Day pillar
Hour pillar

"Day master" and Personality profiles:
Connections and clashes
Strong/ weak
Seasonal aspects
Water type
Wood type
Fire type
Earth type
Metal type

Relationship between day master and others:

Roots of Health and disease: by the map
By elements
By internal organs
By controlling and supporting cycles

Kurset henvender sig til uddannede akupunktører samt akupunkturstuderende.

Aaron Zizov
Graduate studies in Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Shiatsu on 2004 in Medi-cin College, Tel Aviv, Israel. Specialized in Gynecology and Chinese cosmetology at the "ZHE JIANG CHINESE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY" and in the "ZHE JIANG PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL OF T.C.M", Hang Zhou, China.
Taught in the leading Colleges in Israel and today teaches Professional workshops and courses in Israel and Europe in Chinese cosmetology, tongue diagnosis and Chinese astrology.

Aaron has been studying and investigating the tongue diagnosis and Chinese astrology the last decade. His focus is on emotional aspects that can be detected by using these diagnostic methods. He is the Author of the book "Beauty secrets of Chinese medicine" a professional handbook to Chinese cosmetic Medicine. These days he is writing two more books on Chinese medical astrology and on emotional aspects of tongue diagnosis.

Aaron is treating hundreds of patients every month in his private clinic in tel Aviv, and in Maccabi (health maintenance organization).

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