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The 5 shen i Tounge-diagnosis

Dato: 27-04-2017
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"In the human body there are zang organs of the liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidneys. The five zang organs form the five spirits and gives rise to the five emotions.

Spirit of the heart is known as the SHEN, which rules mental and creative functions. The spirit of the liver, the HUN rules the nervous system and gives rise to extrasensory perception. The spirit of the spleen, of YI, rules the logic or reasoning power. The spirit of the lungs, or PO, rules the animalistic instincts, physical strength and stamina. The spirit of the kidneys, the ZHI, rules the will, drive, ambition, and survival instinct. "

The tongue shows us everything we need to know about the patients actual situation of the SHEN. Even in few seconds we are able to understand the mental and physical aspects of the patient. By observing the tongue shape, color and coating (like we all studied on the basic studies in TCM) we can see some general things, but when we start looking at the different sings on specific areas of the five systems, we can get a deeper understanding about the patients internal situation. Another advanced step is to combine all the information from all the internal systems and to understand the roots of the patients problems. When we get to the roots, the treatment is exact!

In this lecture I will demonstrate the way to do this. I will show the order of the diagnosis the way I use it more than 100 times a week, and I will explain how to combine all the information in order to build a treatment.

Aaron zizov, Graduate studies in Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Shiatsu on 2004 in Medi-cin College, Tel Aviv, Israel. Specialized in Gynecology and Chinese cosmetology at the "ZHE JIANG CHINESE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY" and in the "ZHE JIANG PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL OF T.C.M", Hang Zhou, China.

Taught in the leading Colleges in Israel and today teaches Professional workshops and courses in Israel and Europe in Chinese cosmetology, tongue diagnosis and Chinese astrology.

Aaron is Investigating tongue diagnosis and Chinese astrology on the last decade. His focus is on emotional aspects that can be detected by using these diagnostic methods.

Author of the books "Beauty secrets of Chinese medicine" a professional Guide to Chinese cosmetic Medicine. And "tongue diagnosis in five elements model" a Clinical Guide for physical and emotional diagnosis according to the tongue map in Chinese medicine.

Aaron is treating patients in ZIZEN his private clinic in tel Aviv and in "Maccabi tivi" -Complementary Medicine at Maccabi Healthcare Services.

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