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The little and little formula

Dato: 14-10-2017
Sted: Udland Udland
Telefon: 86180878
Kontaktperson: Zhuo Zhuo Wang

The Little and little formula is created by Dr. S.X.Zhao who developed Space medicine from Dr.GUO. The little and little formula was created according to tongue diagnosis and have been successfully used in clinical practice for more than 20 years. The little and little formula is safe, easy to master, highly effective, with no side affects. In traditional Chinese Medicine the key fundamental theory is “the root is to tonify the kidney” and “ascending clear yang and descending turbid in lower jiao”.
Created New Chinese Medicine which points out if we want to ascending clear qi and descending turbid, we must descend clear qi because only clear qi can be descended first and then clear qi can be ascendeded and turbid can be descended as well. Descending clear qi refers descending lung qi. Upper jiao is just like the sky of the body. If the sky is clear then everything will grow up quickly.
If upper jiao is blocked, the Zang/Fu function will be disrupted, which will cause sickness. The little and little formula is suitable for every people regardless how old are they. The little and little formula normally uses 40 individual herbs and dosage from 0.1-0.8g/each individual.
The dosage is very accurate /low dosage and less test/colour. It can recover Zang/Fu function to heal body through revolution and rotation.
Special practice seminar, for free training course, voluntary participation.
(open formula)

1. Common cold: Gong ying0.7g, Gua lou Ren 0.6g,
Du Huo 0.6g, Gui Zhi0.2g, Lian Qiao 0.6g,
2. Hiccup: Xiang Fu 0.4g, Jie Geng 0.3g, Chuan Xiong0.2g
?normally the results is immediately after drinking the medicine?
Time : 2017.10.14; 15; 16; 17
Address: Gothenburg Sweden

Dr Shixiao Zhao
He is a honour dean of Xiancao Chuangxin TCM Institution and Training Centre .
He is an consult advisor of Shijiazhuang Fengyuan Health Centre and an director doctor of Xinhe district.
Working experience:
1987-now: TCM doctor
Training Experience?
Doctor Zhao has been trained by several famous doctors in China.
He is the director and owner of the Institution Xiancao, Shijiazhuang Yiyuan Health Centre, and TCM Medical Centre.
He is a pioneer of green therapy .
He is good at develop the little and little formula and TCM herbal medical Tea.
He lectured 40 seminars of the little and little formula .
His Patented Products:
1. Herbal tea of regulating blood pressure-treating hypertension, stroke
2. Herbal tea of opening vessels to treat heart disease, blood stasis , edema of legs , and ulcer leg.
His special herbal tea can benefit to
Hypertension , diabetes, asthma, loss vision due to diabetes, AS , cancers and much more difficult cases.

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