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Shan Han Lun and Jin Gui herbal medicine

Dato: 19-09-2013
Sted: Udland Udland
Kontaktperson: Jan Lindborg

Shan Han Lun and Jin Gui herbal medicine

In Stockholm beginning 19th of September

The Shang Han Lun & Jin Gui Yao Lue has long been acknowledged as the cornerstone of Chinese herbal medicine, with every prominent clinician and scholar throughout history stressing the need to study this pivotal text.

Through this series of lectures you will be introduced to an advanced and fully cohesive understanding of physiology and pathology of the six conformations (divisions/levels) and you will learn how to apply this understanding to the diagnosis of not only acute externally contracted diseases but also chronic complex pathologies. You will also be introduced to the highly methodical and practical system of pulse diagnosis which underpins the clinical practice of the Shang Han Lun & Jin Gui Yao Lue

The highly systematic approach of the ICEAM Shang Han Lun course will help you gain greater clarity in your clinical application of this medicine.– info in English– info in Swedish


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